Welcome to the home of Whitestar Logistics

Rich Woodward loads the trailerAs a proud associate of Landstar Ranger Inc, we specialize in handling the requirements of Logistic Freight movement and the Trade Show Industry. Whether your customer is a show exhibitor needing their booth delivered to the show site or a tech company with special requirements to safely transport expensive electronics, we can provide the equipment, knowledge, and professional attitude to satisfy their needs, and allow them to continue trusting you as their chosen shipping agent.

Whitestar Logistics is committed to standing out in a very competitive industry and committed to helping the agents we work with stand out as well.

We can provide the service to help your customer stay yours. I know we can, I’ve seen us do it.

Our Promise;

They say an operation is only as good as its people. Well, when it comes to Whitestar Logistics, I am its people. I take my responsability to you and your customer very much to heart.

From the moment I commit to servicing your customer, they become my customer as well. Guarenteeing that they continue to be our customer is extremely important to me. With that in mind, you can rest assured that I will always represent myself, Landstar, and you the agent in a professional and courteous manner.

Using Whitestar Logistics to serve your transport needs means that you know your truck will arrive where it’s supposed to be, when it’s supposed to be there, with the proper equipment and correct attitude. That is an important step in keeping your customer coming back to you.

Call us today at 928-273-5873, or use our Contact Form to let us know your needs.