About Whitestar Logistics

Rich with the boss-HotdogAbout Rich;

I’d like to think I’m as good as the best. I know for certain that I’m better than most.

Just like you, I am very serious about my business, and since you are my business, I take yours very seriously as well. I quickly figured out that trying to compete in the trucking industry for general freight with the eight hundred pound gorillas was a recipe for failure, and started looking for a niche that I could excel at, enjoyed, and would be profitable.

I started moving Trade Shows and found that I enjoyed the uniqueness of the market and the oppourtunities it provided me. From there I have expanded into even more specialized logistics transportation. I take great pride in moving unusual and sometimes challenging loads, that not everyone is equipped to handle. I’ve transported everything from the New York City Rockett’s(not the girls, just their equipment), to the newest state-of-the-art military flight simulators.

I enjoy that one night I might be parked looking at the U.S. Capitol, a few days later be looking out over the Pacific Ocean, or walking the lakeshore in Chicago. I enjoy that my little piece of the industry is different, and that not everyone can or even wants to do it. Please don’t ever tell a Landstar agent this, but I would probably do this job for free.

I’ve actually been in the transporation industry since I was very young. At age 19 I earned my Ocean Masters license, and by age 21, was delivering yachts all over the world for private owners. Before you ask why anyone would ever quit that, know it’s a young mans job, was a great adventure for years, and doesn’t pay the bills in the long run.

It finally came time to grow up- well kinda. I’ve been in the trucking industry since 1996, and have been an owner/operator since 2001. I’ve always told people you can teach anyone to drive a truck, but you can’t teach them to be a trucker. Trucking is a gypsy lifestyle, it’s either who you are or it’s not. You can not force it, learn it, or adapt to it. You just are or you’re not. I am, have been all my life and make no excuses. My business today is actually very similar to my business when I was sailing all over the world: moving someone’s precious possesion safely from one location to another. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

About our Equipment;

We operate modern equipment, maintained to standards that surpasses any DOT standards. As well as being a requirement of leasing on to Landstar, by our principles it is the only way to operate a trucking business. By holding ourselves to high standards of maintnence, we can provide you and your customer a service you can trust to deliver as promised.

Our tractor is a 2008 Kenworth T-660 with a 132″ Custom Sleeper. We are fully self-contained, which allows us to stay on site for an extended period of time if required. No need for Truck Stop Restaurants or Facilities, everything we need is on board, including the kitchen sink.

Our Trailer is a 2007 Vanguard 53′ Dry Van built specifically to handle logistic/specialized freight. It is equipped with vertical e-track from front to rear, with over 1500 separate attachment points for straps or bars. No matter what size or shape your freight is, we can safely secure it to travel the highways. With a true interior dimension of 110h by 100w, we can accomodate objects larger than a standard dry van.

We are equippd with a 4400# hydraulic liftgate; its 76″x80″ platform can safely handle large items with ease. This can be a critical asset when your load may not have access to a conventional loading dock. This is not a flimsy afterthought, but a sturdy, solid platform to lift your freight from ground level to truck deck height. We are told constantly by customers that they wish every truck had a lift gate like ours that they could trust.

Our 16′ long, 3000# rated ramps are designed to separate, allowing us to load vehicles as large as a full size SUV, or they can be locked together creating a solid 38″ wide walkboard for loading or unloading using either our handtruck or 4 wheel dolly’s.

Once your load is onboard, we provide all the correct equipment to assure its safe transport. Whether you require 2 moving pads or 150, we have them. We use only heavyweight quilted pads to protect your items – no light weight rental pads on this ride. The same applies to the 50+ Nylon web straps we carry. Every one is a 2000# rated ratchet strap to guarantee your load starts secure and stays secure: we will never use a tension strap on your cargo. If your job requires that freight be doubledecked but not stacked, we can accommodate that. We carry a full complement of 2500# rated decking bars, and whether it’s a piece or two that needs decked or the entire trailer, no problem – we’ve got it covered.

We even provide some of the equipment that most logistic transporters don’t. Items like our Pallet Jack, our J-Bar, Hand Truck, Dolly’s, and Corner Protectors can make the difference between struggling and compromising on a load, or having it done right, and trusting it will be delivered in the same condition it was loaded in.

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